80 Days, One Semester, Endless Possibilities

“The only real advice you can give anyone is to keep writing.”

-David Sedaris 



“Written by Jenna Wheeler”

We can all say that we have moments of inspiration, whether it is because of something we’ve done personally, or because of someone else. One of my moments occurred while we presented our work to the class for critiques of improvement. My classmate, Tyler, explained to me the importance of including my own voice and style into every piece I write. It is about the originality and confidence of the work that will make it ultimately successful. Instead, I was writing what I thought the professor wanted without adding the life and “picture” into it. That moment changed the way I look at my technique and skills. Hoping my writing gets published at some point in my lifetime, I want people to read “Written by Jenna Wheeler” under the headline and have an idea about how the final production is going to sound. It is a way of “seeing my name in lights.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.42.58 PM


Future Forecast

My professor, Dr. Kelley Crowley, is strict about everyone writing EVERYTHING down, because the writer takes huge step backwards if a thought is lost or forgotten. I used to think writing was done just for school or work because I had to do it; however, developing writing pieces is more than for the grade or the paycheck, it’s truly an art form. Writing first becomes new and fun then goes into a “want,” but quickly turns into a “need.”


Below, I have detailed some of the most valuable knowledge that I have gained and am currently utilizing in class:

  • Taking notes
  • Creating a lead
  • Presentation of work
  • Professionalism of writing

This has made me realize that my writing technique is only at a blossoming mark. Continuing to expand my vocabulary and writing structure will be beneficial in whatever I end up doing in life, whether I become an artist or work for the government.

Writing goes along with how an individual types, talks, and acts in the real world. Involving all of those techniques and conducting professionalism that is associated with writing can present endless possibilities.




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