The Path of Media Writing: Where It Took Me


As college students, we all came here with a destination in mind. College is the time to discover what we like and dislike, change majors and declare minors, and ultimately graduate with a degree. But to reach nirvana, we must first follow the path there. Below is a list of the lessons I have learned from my Media Writing class, one of my favorite paths of college so far.

“Puke On The Page”


After getting into Media Writing, I was eager to begin improving my writing skills and exploring my imagination. Dr. Kelley Crowley’s idea of that was strangely called “puke on the page.” And yes, I had same that grossed-out and confused look on my face like you probably do, too. But surprisingly enough, it has been the most beneficial lessons I have learned in that class, for my writing skills and with life’s stresses. It’s a process of writing nonstop to get all your thoughts down on paper. Heres why to try it:


  • It stops over thinking
  • Helps develop the flow of thoughts and ideas
  • Stress Reliever
  • Expresses ideas
  • Shows instant thoughts
  • Can be random yet fun
  • Used for personal or professional purposes

Having your own notebook

On the first day of class, Dr. Crowley instructed us to get our own notebook and bring it to every class for taking notes, and writing down thoughts and ideas. Especially for when we “puke on the page.” We were also told to design it in whatever way we wanted to express ourselves. So of course I decked mine out in guns, deer, sunflowers, and country stuff!

IMG_1855Why does this count as a lesson I feel is important?

  • Helps with remembering certain thoughts
  • It expresses who you are and what you love
  • Makes it more exciting than writing in a typical black and white composition book
  • You can look back on your ideas
  • Used as a recording method so nothing is lost or forgotten
  • It is fun!

Meeting Deadlines


If the word “importance” could have have a subtitle attached to it, I would put “meeting deadlines,” because they are seriously that important. Whether it be work related or just running errands, meeting deadlines is crucial because it shows determination of getting a task done on time, which shows how you handle things (work and non-work related).


  • Shows organization and productivity
  • Enhances your skill set
  • Sets goals
  • Reduces stress if done correctly
  • Shows professionalism
  • Serves as respect

Interviewing Others


Since the class is called “Media Writing,” one can assume it involves writing within the media. Such as news articles, sports pieces, and public relations. All of these must use interviews to contribute to fact checking and statistics. But even if media writing isn’t the field someone wishes to go into, developing interviewing skills is crucial in today’s world.

  • It conducts people skills, which are essential
  • Learn how to ask and expand on questions
  • Advance in note taking skills
  • Build relationships (extremely beneficial)
  • Observe visual communications (body language, expressions) while hearing verbal communications (tone, mood)

And finally…

Using and (Always) Carrying the AP Stylebook

Attending college is a way of showing you want to progress beyond the high school level education, so what better way of doing so than to know how to write like you actually know what you’re doing! The AP Stylebook is literally a lifesaver. If there is ever a moment of doubt on how to write correct grammar or punctation in the proper way, then it has your answer. There is some work involved, like knowing what to look under to discover the “moment of truth” and discover the solution, but it holds everything you’ll need to sound educated. And that can go tremendously far.

  • Learn proper writing skills
  • Get confirmation
  • Consume more knowledge
  • Convenience and Consistency
  • Makes an impression of who you are


While continuing on to complete my college path, I will take the lessons learned in my Media Writing class and pass these techniques along.


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